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Custom Home Builders’ Recommended Custom Home Designs

In recent years, the custom home market in Canada has experienced a significant upswing. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction reports a rise in custom homes, constituting 20.4% of single-family homes started in 2022, up from 17.6% in 2021. This market includes homes built for owners by contractors or themselves. 

In 2022, 71.4% were built for sale, 5.9% for rent. Despite a quarterly dip, the annual analysis by the National Association of Home Builders notes a total increase in custom homes started in 2022 (207,472) compared to 2021 (199,675). 

With this surge, many are looking for the best custom home designs. The search is now over. This blog contains the top custom home builders‘ design recommendations. 

Top Custom Home Design Trends

Meet innovation along with homeowners’ evolving needs. From stylishly symmetrical kitchens to pet-friendly amenities and the revival of architectural arches, we’ll explore the top trends shaping contemporary living spaces.

Symmetrical Kitchen Designs

Symmetry in kitchen designs is a prevalent trend where elements on one side of the kitchen mirror those on the other. This approach is timeless and versatile, creating a balanced and harmonious layout.

Home Offices and Studies

Home offices and studies have become essential with an increasing emphasis on remote work and learning. The trend involves creating dedicated workspaces within homes to accommodate the needs of multiple family members.

Ceiling Features and Details

Including exposed beams and headers in ceilings is a popular design choice. These details add depth, texture, and character to interior spaces.


Ensuite bathrooms have become a standard feature in modern homes, replacing single bedrooms and hall bathrooms. This trend emphasizes privacy and convenience as they provide a dedicated bathroom attached to a bedroom, often the master bedroom.

Kitchen Hood Features

Kitchen hoods, especially stylish and functional ones, influence the kitchen’s overall design. This design trend highlights the importance of incorporating aesthetically pleasing and well-designed kitchen hoods as a focal point in kitchen spaces.

Dog Washes and Pet Stations

Pet-friendly amenities, such as dog washes and dedicated pet stations, are now commonly integrated into custom home designs. This trend reflects the consideration of pets as integral family members and the desire to provide convenience for their care within the home.

Symmetrical Primary Suite Bathrooms

Extending the concept of symmetry, primary suite bathroom layouts are designed with a balanced and cohesive approach. This ensures that the design elements in the primary bathroom are harmoniously arranged, which creates a visually pleasing and well-coordinated space.

Arched Doors and Cabinetry

Architectural arches, particularly indoors and cabinetry, have regained popularity. This design trend adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to interiors. They symbolize a sense of architectural interest and uniqueness.

Recreation and Entertainment Spaces

There is an increased focus on creating self-contained living spaces dedicated to recreation and entertainment. This trend acknowledges the importance of having designated areas within homes for leisure activities, promoting a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Bar Designs with Built-In Kegerators

Bars are making a refined comeback in home designs, often featuring built-in kegerators and refrigeration. This trend caters to the desire for stylish and functional home spaces for socializing and entertaining.

Butler’s Pantries

Butler’s pantries, traditionally used for food preparation and storage, are now a staple in modern homes. They are reimagined in various sizes and shapes to offer practical storage solutions and extend kitchen functionality.

Design Tips For Custom Homes 2024

Look at the following custom home design ideas of different architects and designers that will keep your area unique and timely.

Custom Home Designs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Custom Home Building Process Differ From Traditional Home Construction?

The custom home building process involves tailoring every aspect of the home to the client’s specifications, ensuring a unique and dream home is created. This personalized approach distinguishes it from standard construction methods.

What Can Clients Expect During the Construction Phase of a Custom Home?

The building process phase involves the actual building of the home. Clients can expect regular communication from the project manager, an experienced team working on the site, and attention to construction details that ensure the quality of the custom home.

What Materials Are Commonly Used in Building Quality Custom Homes?

Quality custom homes use premium materials to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. The best builders prioritize selecting the best materials that align with the client’s vision and meet industry standards.

How Do Custom Home Builders Manage To Stay Within the Client’s Budget?

A skilled and experienced team, coupled with transparent communication, helps a custom home builder stay within the client’s budget. They work closely with clients to understand their financial constraints and offer solutions that meet their expectations.

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