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Increase Your Home’s Value with These Kitchen Renovation Ideas (Don’t Miss #1) 

The trend of homeowners investing in kitchen upgrades in their custom homes continues to grow in Vancouver, British Columbia. More and more homeowners see how renovations can boost their homes’ functionality and resale appeal.

A recent survey shows that 42% of homeowners upgrade kitchens during home renovations due to dissatisfaction with outdated styles, while 36% prioritize a renovation project for deteriorating kitchen conditions. 

Thirty-four percent renovate due to increased financial means. Some upgrades include addressing damage (3%) or rectifying unsafe conditions (2%) in the kitchen.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation project in North Vancouver, Maple Ridge, West Vancouver, or anywhere in British Columbia, your quest for “custom home builders near me” ends here. This guide provides ideas and techniques for a seamless custom home kitchen renovation.

  1. Maximize Space 

Good space planning improves movement, storage, and where appliances are placed.

Traffic and Functionality

  • Extending the Kitchezn’s Reach

Open-concept kitchen building designs evolve beyond the kitchen space itself. Kitchen design now includes pantries, mudrooms, dining rooms, and half baths of custom homes. It is best to emphasize creating a seamless flow between different functions.

  • Doubling Up for Efficiency

Kitchen enthusiasts opt for duplicates of fixtures and appliances. Increased cooking and multiple family members working in the kitchen simultaneously in their costume homes drive this trend. Prevalent duplicates include dishwashers, ovens, and even double islands.

  • Double Islands

Double islands serve distinct purposes: one for cooking and meal prep, another for work, dining, and family activities in custom homes.

Storage Renovations 

  • Cabinets and Cupboards. Use vertical and horizontal spaces for utensils, dishes, and pantry items.
  • Under-Sink Storage. Install pull-out trays or organizers for cleaning supplies and waste sorting bins.
  • Island Storage. Add drawers and shelves for bigger kitchen tools.
  • Pantry Solutions. Use adjustable shelves and pull-out racks for dry goods and appliances.
  • Wall-Mounted Shelving. Great for decorative items and frequently used cookware, which adds both style and function.
  • Overhead Storage. Set up open shelves or cabinets for cookbooks, small appliances, and glassware.
  • Corner Cabinets. Employ pull-out shelves or rotating trays to maximize hard-to-reach corner spaces.
  • Drawer Organizers. Customize drawers for specific items like cutlery, utensils, and spices.
  1. Choosing The Right Colours

Choosing the right colours sets the mood and makes the kitchen look more appealing and welcoming.

Current Colour Trends

  • Deep Colours. Deep colours like greens and blues are trending. Metal finishes, including stainless and brass, are popular and provide long-term appreciation. Green is identified as a must-have colour in modern kitchens and aligns with nature-inspired designs.
  • Matte Black Appliances. Matte black appliances offer a sultry contrast to vibrant pops of colour in kitchen designs.
  1. Proper Placement of Windows

Well-placed windows enhance ventilation, the aesthetic appeal of energy-efficient Vancouver homes, and house-outdoor connection. 

  • Prioritize windows strategically to maximize natural light.
  • Choose energy-efficient windows to have a cost-effective kitchen.
  • Consider the placement of windows to ensure optimal ventilation.
  1. Cabinets

Consider cabinet upgrades to optimize storage, organization, and overall kitchen functionality. Well-chosen cabinets are important to efficient space utilization.

Cabinet Door Renovations

Recommended Style
Touches of Traditional Style
What’s OldSimplicity of flat panels and ultra-sleek lines
What’s coming backAmericana and cottage styles 
FeaturesClassic beaded inset cabinetsAccent coloursCustom cabinet doorsStatement hoods

Cabinet Pulls

The percentage of homeowners who favour each type, which includes those who opted for no cabinet pulls at all, are as follows:

Cabinet Pull TypePercentage
Bar Pulls72%
Cup Pulls10%
No Cabinet Pulls6%

Cabinet Styles Shift

Cabinet Door StyleShaker-style

Preference Decline
Homeowner preference dropped by 3 points compared to the previous year.
What’s NewSimple, newer, flat-panel doors
ReasonsChanges in kitchen decor style over the years.
Recommended ApproachMake the Shaker style slimmer and sleeker.

Cabinet Colour Preferences

  • White cabinets remain the top choice at 40%.
  • Wood-tone cabinets increased by three points, reaching 24% popularity.
  • Roughly 46% of homeowners prefer an island cabinet colour contrasting with the main cabinets.

Trends in Cabinet Colours:

  • Decline in blue and gray cabinets (24% from 26% and 15% from 18%, respectively).
  • Increase in black (12% from 10%), medium-tone wood (12% from 10%), and dark wood (11% from 6%) cabinets.
  1. Integrating Electronics

Integrate modern conveniences in your custom home project to enhance kitchen efficiency and functionality by incorporating smart appliances, docking stations, and energy-efficient lighting.

Trends in Kitchen Technology

CategoryAdoption RateBenefits

Docking Stations 

Convenient device charging in the kitchen.Enhanced accessibility to multimedia content.
Stereo Systems
Elevated kitchen entertainment and ambiance.Enhanced audio quality for cooking and socializing.
High-Tech Faucets
Water efficiency for sustainable kitchen practices.Touch-only or touch-free activation for hygiene.
  1. Islands

Fluted Islands Trend

Building Material and ApplicationFluted oak millwork and matching cabinetry on the central island.
Design CharacteristicsThe pleasing scallop-shaped ridge design is reminiscent of early Egyptian times.Adds warmth, texture, and boldness without being overly noisy.
Designer InsightsInterior designer, Kesha Franklin praises fluted kitchen cabinets for shaking up traditional trends.Recommends building curved edges for added visual appeal.Suitable for natural wood finishes in Vancouver laneway homes or painted in transitional spaces.Adds warmth and depth to the kitchen.

Double Islands Trend

  • Design Trend. Two parallel islands in luxury home kitchens.
  • Design Concept. This layout separates food preparation and guest interaction.
  • Functionality. One island for cooking, the other for guests. Appeals to those who love cooking and entertaining.
  • Designer Insights. Heather Weisz from HW Interiors views it as both attractive and practical. The layout creates good views towards focal points like ranges or hood walls and keeps family and friends connected yet out of the prep area.

Tailor-Made Storage Trend

ExampleBecky Hillyard’s kitchen features white oak built-ins and sliding panels.
ConceptCustomization that focuses on tailored, built-in storage solutions.
Design FeaturesSliding panels for spice jars and cooking necessities provide a precise fit in renovations.
FunctionalitySliding panels hide specific cabinets for spice jars, oil, and technical needs.

Luxury Storage Trend

  • Beautiful exterior cabinetry can serve as hand spice drawers, oil drawers, and technical cabinets.
  • Range integration can create all-in-one luxury islands similar to high-end restaurants.

Extra Tips for Kitchen – Custom Home Building

Lighting Renovations

Proper lighting influences the functionality and ambiance of the kitchen. An intelligently designed lighting project plan considers various aspects to enhance the overall experience in this central space of the Vancouver home. 

  • Install overhead fixtures like pendant lights or recessed lighting.
  • Install under-cabinet or pendant lighting for focused task illumination during activities like chopping, cooking, and reading recipes.
  • Add accent lighting, like adjustable track lights or strategically positioned wall sconces.

Quality Flooring 

Recommendations for Quality Flooring
Building Material SelectionOpt for building durable flooring materials like hardwood, laminate, or ceramic tiles. 
DurabilityFlooring should withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy kitchen.
Ease of MaintenanceQuick and efficient cleaning in case of spills or other kitchen-related mishaps.

Ventilation is Key

Recommendations for effective ventilation:

  • Ventilation System. Install a high-quality ventilation system that efficiently removes cooking odours and ensures constant air exchange.
  • Extraction of Odours. Prioritize systems with powerful extraction capabilities to swiftly eliminate odours.
  • Indoor Air Quality. Choose ventilation systems that filter and circulate clean air.
  • Comfort and Enjoyment. A well-ventilated kitchen contributes to overall comfort and enjoyment.
  • Noise Level. Consider ventilation systems with low noise levels to ensure effective operation without disrupting the kitchen space.

Upgrade Your Home Value With Custom Designs

Homeowners increasingly view a kitchen renovation project as a strategic investment, recognizing its potential to boost property value significantly. Careful planning, budget assessment, and considering the services of the best custom home builders in Vancouver are key to achieving your dream home.

Major Homes Ltd., a family-owned company known for its quality craftsmanship, ensures clients are happy and comfortable in their living spaces. Our project manager and house team provide exceptional construction services for kitchen renovations and energy-efficient homes. 

We involve you actively in the entire custom home building process. We ensure that every detail of the construction process aligns with your vision. 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Can following current design trends convert to a higher resale value?

While advantageous in renovations, following the latest design trends in kitchen renovation is unnecessary to get a higher resale value. Timeless and well-executed designs often have broader market appeal in Vancouver, British Columbia. It ensures your kitchen renovations remain attractive to a more comprehensive range of potential buyers over the long term. 

Do energy-efficient appliances and fixtures add value to a kitchen renovation project?

Incorporating energy-efficient appliances and fixtures into a kitchen renovation project can significantly enhance its value. Such integration during a construction phase appeals to eco-conscious buyers who prioritize sustainability and translates into tangible benefits, such as lower utility costs, which make the property more cost-effective in the long run.

How do I choose the right layout for my kitchen renovation?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Assess Your Space 

Measure the dimensions of your kitchen to understand the available space. Consider the shape of the room – either it’s square, rectangular, or L-shaped.

  1. Identify Your Needs

Think about how you use your kitchen. Do you need more cooking space, or is dining and entertaining a priority? Your lifestyle will influence the layout choice.

  1. Work Triangle Consideration

The work triangle (the area between the stove, refrigerator, and sink) is important for efficiency. Ensure your layout allows easy access between these three points without too much traffic through the work zone.

  1. Choose a Layout Type

Popular layouts include the one-wall, galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, and island layouts. Each has its benefits and limitations, so pick one that best suits your space and needs.

  1. Consider Storage and Appliances

Plan for ample storage and the placement of major appliances. Make sure there’s enough room for cabinet doors and appliances to open comfortably.

  1. Think About Lighting

Good lighting is a thing. Consider natural light sources and where to place artificial lights for optimal illumination.

  1. Professional Advice

Ask for assistance from a custom home builder to help you understand the entire process. They can provide valuable insights, help avoid common pitfalls, and offer solutions tailored to your specific space and requirements.

  1. Future-Proofing

Consider how your needs might change in the future and if the layout can adapt to these changes.

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