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Custom Home Builders Tips’ on Designing White Interior

White is the most versatile custom home design choice. It’s a “blank canvas” or neutral backdrop to create an aesthetically pleasing living space by coordinating accent colours, furniture, and principal surfaces.

White enhances design and practicality and is still a significant and sustainable colour option for custom home builders

Beyond just being beautiful, white helps reflect off a large amount of sunlight, keeping rooms naturally colder and promoting energy efficiency. 

Key Takeaways:

  • White creates a sense of neutrality in custom homes.
  • Beyond its aesthetic appeal, white custom homes are energy-efficient.
  • An increased monetary value in a white home’s exterior.

Home Builders Tips for White Home Designs

Custom Home Dining Area 

For a unified and elegant interior design, choose white walls to bring in more natural light and add delicate accents like neutral-toned linens and tableware to the new house.

Embrace An All-White Scheme

Transform your dining room into a place of calm and relaxation. With a neutral design and uplifting atmosphere, you can sit and socialize with friends and family for as long as you like. An all-white scheme works quite well in both classic and contemporary house interiors, and since it enhances light and space, it is excellent for small dining rooms in Vancouver.

Make the dining room more inviting by adding:

  • Upholstered dining chairs
  • A tablecloth
  • Botanical decorations

A Relaxed Boho Style

A Boho-inspired look adds an eclective style to your white dining room. White is a perfect backdrop for a space filled with styles, objects, and textures. This design’s central focal points are the wooden chairs, table, and chandelier. The Boho-inspired furniture and decor combined with white walls make the dining room feel relaxed and inviting.

Accentuate this design through adding:

  • Vibrant patterned rug
  • Macramé wall hangings
  • Ethnic-inspired tableware

A Striking, Monochrome Look

The contrast of black and white is timeless and sets a striking, monochrome atmosphere. You may incorporate black elements in your white dining room through accessories or furniture. If you want to establish a modern dining room, you can use black chairs as the dining area’s focal point. 

You can make the room more appealing by adding:

  • Abstract wall art in shades of grey
  • Ceramic vases with black flower
  • Geometric pendant lights in metallic finishes

House Bedroom

Selecting white bedding will help create a calm haven, and upholstered or wooden furniture adds warmth and texture.

Warm White Bedroom Decor

Here, the warm off-white walls with yellow undertones blend harmoniously with the crisp white bedding and accessories. This home builders’ design offers a subtle yet inviting contrast that enhances the overall feel of the bedroom. 

Home builders recommend incorporating the following:

  • Wooden furniture with warm undertones, such as oak or walnut.
  • Gold or brass accents through picture frames and lamps.
  • A cozy reading nook with an armchair upholstered in a soft fabric like velvet.

Rustic White Bedroom

In this white bedroom, adding natural wood beams brings an air of solidity and allure. The rustic aesthetic extends to a white upholstered bed frame accented with gray wood trim. This design amplifies the character of furniture pieces within the monochromatic ambiance.

Accentuate your white sleeping area by:

  • Incorporating a weathered, reclaimed wood dresser.
  • Hanging vintage-style lanterns on bedside tables.
  • Draping a faux fur throw over the bed or a nearby accent chair.

Bright Colours in White Bedrooms

A white-walled bedroom filled with vibrant colours creates a lively and energetic atmosphere. The juxtaposition of the crisp white backdrop against the bursts of colour stimulates the senses and evokes a sense of excitement. 

Enhance bright colours through:

  • Adding a massive psychedelic painting. 
  • Draping multi-coloured throws or blankets over furniture pieces.
  • Displaying colourful vases, sculptures, or tabletops.

House Bathroom

Create a spa-like ambiance by painting or adorning the walls with spotless white tiles. Glancing white accents and fixtures accentuate the clean look. 



Clean ContrastA matte black bathtub, vanity mirrors and hardware pop against the airy walls.The inky accents create a streamlined look to the space. Woven Roman shades, a jute rug, and a blonde wood vanity.
White Walls + Weathered WoodFreestanding soaking tub, walk-in steam shower, and dressing table.Spa-like two bathrooms that offers inviting retreat.Gray-washed reclaimed doors and velvet vanity stool.
Cloudlike Colour StoryGlossy greige wall tiles and speckled terrazzo floors.Asian-inspired white bathroom with cloudlike aesthetic.Brass faucets, oil-rubbed hardware and honey-stained wood cabinets.

House Kitchen

A white kitchen easily adapts to various design styles, from classic to contemporary. White cabinetry and surfaces brighten the space and allow other elements to pop for a personalized touch.

Custom Home With the Midas Touch

A subtle gleam of metallic elements against the pristine white backdrop adds a touch of glamour and timeless elegance to the kitchen design.

To add a touch of life, you may:

  • Replace standard cabinet knobs and pulls with gold or brass.
  • Install pendant lights with gold or brass accents above the island.
  • Upgrade your kitchen faucet to one with gold or brass.

Blend Multiple Styles

With this design, you never have to be boxed in by one style. Combine modern and rustic looks, and incorporate elements of both. 

Cool ideas to enhance the design:

  • Mix sleek modern handles with vintage-inspired knobs for an eclectic touch.
  • Add a contemporary chandelier with traditional elements.
  • Display abstract paintings with vintage-inspired wall hangings.

Tips on Blending White with Different Colours

A white living room offers a timeless and versatile backdrop for various decor styles and colour schemes. White creates a bright and airy atmosphere that can visually expand the space of the living area.

White In A Country Home

White walls seamlessly blend with a matching ceiling and wooden accents. For added warmth, incorporate timber or vibrant pops of colour. Despite the pristine white palette, this country house offers a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Some great ideas to add to this design are:

  • Barnwood coffee table
  • Wicker basket
  • Galvanized metal wall art

Pair White With Vibrant Colours 

Embrace bold combinations like pink and white to bring life and create a contemporary atmosphere. Determine the right tones to complement the space and lighting.

To incorporate vibrant colours, you may add:

  • Vibrant accent chairs upholstered in bold colours.
  • Abstract artwork featuring vibrant colours on the white walls. 
  • Multicoloured rug with bold patterns or geometric designs.

Combine Different Shades Of White

In this custom home design, embrace various tones of white to avoid a stark and clinical atmosphere and create a nuanced neutral palette. Incorporate multiple shades of white to achieve sophistication, warmth, and a timeless appeal.

Ideas to bring your vision to life are as follows:

  • Incorporating a textured white sofa with subtle variations.
  • Placing a white marble coffee table with natural veining.
  • Layering white area rugs with different textures or patterns.

How to Find the Best Custom Home Builders

The custom home builder company you select in Vancouver, British Columbia, will determine the new house’s quality, functionality, and overall satisfaction. Making an informed decision requires deliberation of various factors.

  • Investigate the custom home builder by exploring their website and checking online reviews. You may also look into the testimonials of clients and past projects to determine their expertise in construction services, the quality of their industry team work and ability to meet expectations.
  • Trusted custom home builders licensed, insured, and bonded in Vancouver.
  • Touring model homes like laneway homes or modern homes and completed construction projects in Vancouver, BC, allows you to assess and select the best home builders in the industry.
  • Request references or contact previous clients to gain firsthand insights into their experience with the home builder company and if they have done an amazing job.
  • Carefully review Vancouver contract terms, including timelines, house permits, payment schedules, project budget process, and complete construction details, as this ensures transparency and clarity in the team working relationship.
Vancouver Home Builder


Finding the right home builder company in Vancouver is important to building your dream home. These custom home builders ensure every renovation or home building process is done right, from the custom home design to construction details to the finishing touches.

Professional custom home builders make every construction phase smooth and stress-free and get you to do the exciting job of creating your dream house while they handle the technical stuff. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is white a good choice for building a small house?

White is an excellent choice for small house construction as it helps reflect light and makes the room feel more spacious and airy. Many custom home builders in Vancouver, British Columbia recommend white in any building construction project, including laneway homes and passive homes and renovations.

How do I maintain a white house interior?

Maintain a regular house cleaning project to keep a white interior looking pristine. Use disinfecting materials like mild cleaners, avoid harsh chemicals, and promptly address stains or spills to help maintain white surfaces’ freshness.

What common mistakes should homeowners avoid when designing a white house interior?

Common mistakes to avoid in a custom home building project for a white house interior include neglecting texture and contrast, over-accessorizing, and failing to consider house lighting.

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