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Custom Home Builders Delta

Delta, British Columbia, offers an ideal setting for custom home projects. Delta blends West Coast living with natural beauty and urban convenience. Located within Metro Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, it provides a serene environment alongside convenient access to urban centers.

Custom home builders Delta cater to homeowners’ diverse needs with experienced teams and streamlined permitting processes. Homes in Delta reflect high craftsmanship, whether in South Delta or along the coast in White Rock.

The Delta Custom-Built Home project showcases luxury living that integrates energy efficiency and modern design in one of Metro Vancouver’s sought-after locations.

Category Information

This single-family home offers 5200 sqft of living space, highlighting contemporary finishes and an open-concept floor plan. It includes 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a legal suite, and a theatre room across three levels.

Year: 2023

Location: Delta, Bc

Category: Custom-Built, Modern + Contemporary, Previous Projects

Custom-Built Delta Home

The Delta Custom-Built Home offers spacious layouts, flexible floor plans, and custom features that elevate your space. You can do the following:

  • Customize the layout to suit specific preferences and needs.
  • Adjust the number of bedrooms to accommodate personal requirements.
  • Modify the number of bathrooms according to household size and usage.
  • Choose specific finishes for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, etc.
  • Select lighting fixtures and placements for the desired ambiance.
  • Integrate smart home technology for convenience and efficiency.
  • Design and create outdoor living areas, gardens, or landscaping
  • Incorporate energy-efficient features such as insulation and HVAC

Modern + Contemporary Home

Modern + Contemporary Homes in Delta offer clean lines, open spaces, and minimalist design for a stylish living experience. These homes boast sleek finishes, advanced technology, and indoor-outdoor integration.


Aspect Features
Layout Clean lines, minimalistic design with an emphasis on simplicity
Theatre Room Media room with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and comfortable seating
Finishes Use of materials such as concrete, glass, and steel for a sleek and contemporary aesthetic
Lighting Integrated LED lighting with dimmable options for ambiance control
Technology Smart home features; automated lighting, temperature control, and security systems
Energy Efficiency Energy-efficient windows, insulation, and appliances to minimize energy consumption

Trends and Market Insights

Delta housing market offers many options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home, townhouse, or condo, plenty of choices are available in the area.

Delta Housing Market Trends

  • 385 active listings available for prospective buyers. Among these listings, 324 are single-family homes, 22 are townhouses, and 20 are condos.
  • 62 new homes listed for those seeking modern and energy-efficient residences.
  • For those interested in exploring available properties, there are 42 open houses to experience each home firsthand.
  • The median list price for properties in Delta stands at $1.5 million, reflecting the balance between affordability and desirable amenities in the region’s real estate market.

Delta Housing Prices

  • The median list price is $1,540,000 today, a slight decrease from $1,565,500 one month ago and a marginal increase from $1,536,666 six months ago.
  • The average price per sq. foot is currently $678, showing a decrease from $693 one month ago and a slight fluctuation from $690 six months ago.

Delta City Supply

  • In February 2024, the median list price of homes in Delta, BC, was $1,572,260, slightly lower than January 2024’s $1,582,301, showing a decrease of 0.63% month-over-month.

Delta City Supply for Single-Family Homes

  • In February 2024, the median list price for single-family homes in Delta, BC, was $1,630,740. This is slightly lower than January 2024’s median list price of $1,653,528, representing a decrease of 1.38% month over month.

Delta City Supply for Condos

  • In February 2024, the median list price for condos in Delta, BC, was $636,296. This is lower than January 2024’s median list price of $652,560, showing a decrease of 2.49% month over month.

Delta City Supply for Townhomes

  • In February 2024, the median list price for townhomes in Delta, BC, was $1,230,724, which is higher than January 2024’s median list price of $1,182,555. This shows an increase of 4.07% month over month.

Trust Custom Home Builders Delta

Delta, BC, is a hub of opportunity for building exceptional homes. The area offers abundant resources and natural beauty.

With a commitment to quality and complete transparency with clients, our custom home builders in Delta lead innovation in residential project living spaces.

Explore endless possibilities with Major Home’s experienced team and turn your dream home vision into reality. Contact our reliable custom home builders today to learn more about our project details and begin your new home construction in Delta.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do A Net Zero Home Work?

Net zero homes are designed to use as little energy as possible while producing renewable energy. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Net zero homes are super-efficient, meaning they’re good at keeping heat in during winter and out during summer. They achieve this by:
  • Adding lots of insulation to walls, floors, and roofs prevents heat from escaping.
  • Sealing up any gaps or leaks in the building to prevent drafts.
  • Use special windows and doors that don’t let heat in or out easily.
  • Designing the house to make the most of natural sunlight and heat from the sun.
  1. Renewable Energy: Net zero homes generate their electricity using renewable sources like:
  • Roof solar panels or in the yard that turn sunlight into electricity.
  • Sometimes, small wind turbines may be used to generate electricity.
  • Ground-source heat pumps that tap into the steady temperature to provide heating and cooling.

Smart systems in net zero homes track how much energy they use and produce. This helps homeowners balance their energy use and avoid wasting energy.

What Building Techniques Do Delta Home Builders Employ To Ensure Energy Efficiency?

Custom home builders utilize advanced building techniques such as passive house design and energy-efficient systems to create environmentally friendly and cost-effective homes.

Can Custom Home Builders Assist With Purchasing Land for My New Home?

Custom home builders in Delta, Metro Vancouver, and South Surrey attentively listen to your requirements and assist in locating the ideal land for your new home. We are well-versed in local building codes, simplifying the permitting process.

Major Homes Ltd. provides valuable advice on zoning regulations and suitability for construction, ensuring you select the optimal location for your custom home.

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Custom-Built, Modern + Contemporary, Previous Projects