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Founded in 2002, Major Homes Ltd., a family-run business, brings together three generations of expertise in building outstanding homes across Metro Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley. As the top custom home builder, our experienced team has been recognized as award-winning, undoubtedly marking our position in this field with exceptional residential and commercial development projects. This highlights our custom home builders‘ skills and commitment, ensuring a rewarding experience for our clients.

Major Homes

Our Rich Heritage and Experience

An impressive 30-year track record in the housing industry. This experience forms the backbone of Major Homes and guides us in every home-building project we launch to guarantee excellence and industry-leading quality.

Major Homes

Sustainability at Our Core

Our home-building process prioritizes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our project manager collaborates closely with interior design experts to create your dream house with energy-efficient concepts and designs. This ensures every home meets the highest standards of quality and innovation and reflects our commitment to environmental accountability.

Major Homes

Designing with You in Mind

We design, build homes, and give tips on outdoor living space to future homeowners at the forefront of our minds. Our goal is to create a reality based directly on our clients’ vision. We build spaces that are not just houses but true homes, matching our client’s needs and aspirations.

Major Homes

Assurance of Quality and Recognition

As the leading custom home builder, our reputation for excellence in past housing and common renovation projects is backed by the National Home Warranty’s 2-5-10 warranty, HPO certification, and participation in the EnerGuide program by Natural Resources Canada. 

As Vancouver builders specializing in home renovation, we are also proud members of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association and Built Green Canada. This reflects our commitment to sustainable and high-quality building practices. This dedication is evident in our modern home designs and award-winning custom homes, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.

Custom Home Builder – What Sets Us Apart?

Expertise in Vancouver

Our deep understanding of the Vancouver area, including the North to West Vancouver, guides us in creating custom homes that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Custom Solutions

As a reliable custom home builder, we listen to your vision and turn it into reality, ensuring each home is as individual as its owner.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our homes are built and designed with a commitment to quality craftsmanship passed down through generations, ensuring every detail is crafted to perfection.

Custom Home Builder – What Sets Us Apart?

Expertise in Vancouver

Our deep understanding of the Vancouver area, including the North to West Vancouver, guides us in creating custom homes that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Custom Solutions

As a reliable custom home builder, we listen to your vision and turn it into reality, ensuring each home is as individual as its owner.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our homes are built and designed with a commitment to quality craftsmanship passed down through generations, ensuring every detail is crafted to perfection.

Services Overview

Major Homes Ltd. is dedicated to providing great rates, sustainability, and personalized service in every project so our clients receive the best housing solutions.

Single & Multi-Family Homes

Key Features Details Benefits to Homeowners Sustainability Focus
Energy Efficiency Homes comply with EnerGuide and Built Green Canada. This minimizes energy bills and environmental impact. Lower lifetime energy costs, increased comfort. Reduced carbon footprint, eco-friendly living.
Environmentally Friendly Construction Use of sustainable materials and processes, reflecting a commitment to ecological responsibility. Healthier living environment. Durable construction. Conservation of natural resources, less waste.
Unique Design Modern and contemporary designs that set our homes apart from competitors. Aesthetic appeal, modern living experience. Thoughtful use of space and resources.
Neighborhood Integration Each project is tailored to fit and enhance the local area's style, adding value to the community. Enhanced property value, and community cohesion. Respectful urban development that maintains local charm.
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Custom Homes

Key Features Details Personalization Level Quality Assurance
Personalized Design Homes uniquely customized to each client’s preferences to ensure a personal touch in every part. Tailored to individual tastes and needs. High standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Client-Centric Process Homeowners lead decision-making, from planning to actual construction to finishing stages, for a truly custom-made experience. Complete control over the building process. Regular quality construction checks. Client satisfaction focus.
Exquisite Aesthetics Beautifully designed homes with functional floor plans, impeccable elegance, and unmatched quality. Elegant, comfortable living spaces. Long-lasting materials and timeless designs.
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Key Features Details Community Impact Professional Expertise
Real Estate Acquisition Expertise Specializing in locating and acquiring prime redevelopment land in the Greater Vancouver area. Positive transformation of neighborhoods. Deep understanding and analysis of the local real estate market.
Comprehensive Management Handling all aspects, from development permits to construction, in compliance with city codes and bylaws. Easy development process, and minimized disruptions. Efficient project execution. Adherence to regulations.
Community Enhancement Focused on creating housing projects that enhance neighborhoods with great attention to detail. Increased property values and aesthetic improvements. Responsive to community needs and feedback.
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Project Management

Key Features Details Efficiency Client Convenience
End-to-End Oversight Managing housing projects from start to finish, including permits, guidelines, and construction supervision. Timely completion, and budget adherence. Hassle-free experience, peace of mind.
Stress-Free Development Ensuring a hassle-free process for clients, with professional, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable service. Easy coordination, minimal delays. Decision-making support, regular updates.
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Real Estate Services

Key Features Details Market Insight Comprehensive Service
More Real Estate Assistance Providing expert advice on all aspects of real estate, from sale to actual construction and purchase of new homes. In-depth knowledge and skills of the local real estate market. One-stop solution for all real estate needs.
Skilled Acquisition Support Assisting in finding and getting redevelopment-zoned land, boosting wide local market knowledge. Identifying prime development opportunities. Easy acquisition process, expert negotiation.
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Our Approach  For Your Dream Home

At Major Homes, located in British Columbia, we guarantee each step of our process in building your new home is customized for you. We make your journey to a dream home in Vancouver, BC, both personal and satisfying.

Initial Consultation

  • We thoroughly understand your needs, preferences, and vision for your future home.
  • Here, you can provide direct input on your desires, choice of location, and specific needs.
  • We can change our strategy to match your vision so that the final plan aligns with your expectations.
North Vancouver Custom Built
North Vancouver Custom Built

Design Phase

  • Based on our initial discussions, we create a detailed design plan that catches the spirit of your dream home.
  • You’re involved throughout the design process, providing feedback on elements, aesthetics, and layouts.
  • This phase incorporates personal touches and custom features that make the home uniquely yours.

Construction Phase

  • Our skilled team starts the building process, strictly following the agreed-upon designs.
  • We keep you informed and involved with regular updates and review sessions.
  • Flexibility during construction allows for adjustments according to your evolving needs and preferences.
North Vancouver Custom Built
North Vancouver Custom Built

Final Review

  • We conduct a thorough inspection and invite you for a walkthrough of the completed project.
  • Your final approval is important so that every part of your existing or new home meets your expectations.
  • If needed, we include any last-minute custom details to perfect your home.

Project Completion

  • The finished home is handed over to you with all necessary documentation and keys.
  • We celebrate realizing your dream home, which marks the successful completion of our collaborative journey.
  • This is a moment to reflect on the personalized journey and the beautiful outcome of your new home.
North Vancouver Custom Built

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the construction phase take to build a custom home?

In North Vancouver, our custom home builder team manages the actual construction process of a custom home. We focus on each stage and construction details to influence the overall timeline efficiently.

The time it takes to construct a custom home can vary greatly, typically 10 to 16 months or more, depending on several factors.

Factor Explanation Potential Impact on Timeline
Design Phase Involves creating the home’s architectural design and interior plans. Complex designs can take longer to finalize.
Permitting Process Obtaining necessary building permits from local authorities. Delays in approval can push back the start of construction.
Site Preparation Clearing the land, grading, and preparing the foundation. Site challenges like uneven terrain can add time.
Material Availability Procurement of building materials. Supply chain issues can cause delays in material delivery.
Weather Conditions Outdoor construction is often weather-dependent. Severe weather can suspend construction temporarily.
Custom Features Including unique or luxury features (e.g., smart home technology, custom cabinetry). More detailed features may require additional installation time.
Change Orders/td> Changes to the original plan during construction. Regular changes can greatly extend the build time.
Inspection and Approvals Regular inspections by authorities or third parties for compliance with building codes and standards. Waiting for inspection approvals can cause intermittent delays.
Client Decision Making Speed at which clients make key decisions and selections (e.g., fixtures, finishes). Uncertainty or delayed selections can extend the process.

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Can you incorporate smart home technology?

We can include smart home technology in your home. We can partner with a professional specializing in smart home automation. This collaboration allows us to offer many smart features, including:

  1. Controlled Lighting: Turn lights on and off remotely or set schedules.
  2. Security Systems: Smart locks and cameras for better home security.
  3. Smart Thermostats: Control heating and cooling from your phone.
  4. Automated Entertainment: Easily manage TVs and speakers.
  5. Voice Assistants: Use devices like Alexa or Google Home for hands-free help.
  6. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Strong internet setup for all your devices.
  7. Energy-Efficient Appliances: Laundry appliances and smart kitchen, in line with the kitchen design trends.
  8. Motorized Blinds: Control window blinds with a click.
  9. Environmental Sensors: Keep track of air quality and temperature.

We’ll help you choose the right smart features that fit your lifestyle and ensure they’re integrated smoothly into your home.

Can you work within my budget?

Yes, we can work within your allotted budget to build your custom home. We’ll discuss your financial limits, provide clear cost estimates, and offer cost-effective solutions to make sure we meet your needs without exceeding your budget.

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