Home Building Contractors in Vancouver

Major Homes Ltd. was established in 2002 and brings three generations of construction experience to the Lower Mainland. We are led by our certified builder- with over 30 years of industry knowledge making us a trusted construction leader.

As professional custom home builders in Vancouver, BC, we specialize in new home construction, focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. We plan each house with functionality in mind to meet the highest standards and suit future homeowners’ needs.

Our commitment to building homes extends to enhancing the city’s housing landscape and improving neighbourhoods. We are dedicated to creating thriving and innovative communities in every project.

Real Estate Market in Vancouver

WOWA, a Canadian finance encyclopedia, reports that in November 2023, the Vancouver housing market saw 1,702 homes sold, including detached houses, apartments, and attached homes. Compared to the previous year, 13% more homes were available for sale, totalling 10,931 properties.

The sales ratio to available homes was 16%, suggesting the market favours buyers. Over the last five years, the standard price for homes in Vancouver has increased by 23%, a rate close to the 18% increase in general consumer prices during the same timeframe.

Types of Projects

Single-family Housing Projects

Feature Description Details
Project Type Single-family Homes Individual, standalone houses
Key Characteristics Privacy, Space, Personalization Tailored to homeowner preferences
Living Areas Spacious Interiors Ample room for family activities
Kitchens Modern Design Equipped with high-end appliances
Bathrooms Ensuite Facilities Private and convenient
Outdoor Space Landscaped Gardens Beautifully designed outdoor areas
Energy Efficiency Sustainable Systems Eco-friendly, cost-saving features
Technology Smart Home Features Advanced home automation systems

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Multi-family Housing Projects

Feature Description Details
Project Type Multi-family Housing Includes condos, townhouses, apartment complexes
Key Characteristics Community Living Designed for multiple families in separate units
Construction Quality High Standard Durable, reliable construction with fine details
Community Amenities Shared Facilities Fitness centers, community halls, playgrounds
Design Modern and Functional Contemporary aesthetics with practical layouts
Location Strategically Chosen Proximity to schools, shops, public transport
Environmental Sustainability Eco-friendly Practices Use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient designs

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Benefits of Our Projects

Quality and Craftsmanship:

As trusted home builders, Major Homes excels in constructing high-quality, durable custom homes using strong materials and skilled workers, distinguishing us from other contractors.

Functional Design:

Our expertise in home renovation and new builds allows us to design modern homes that are both beautiful and practical.

Neighbourhood Enhancement:

As a leading general contractor, Major Homes focuses on improving neighbourhoods and building sustainable communities.

Projects Overview

Current Projects

Year Project Location Description Category
2023 Maple Ridge Project Maple Ridge, BC Rancher-style home on 8 acres, over 5000 sqft of living space. Craftsman, Current Projects, Rancher
2023 Langley Project Langley, BC Luxurious, craftsman-style farmhouse on an acreage, over 6000 sqft, forest-like setting. Craftsman, Craftsman Farmhouse, Current Projects, Custom-Built

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Previous Projects

Year Project Location Description Category
2016 Doran Rd.Project North Vancouver Modern contemporary home, featured on “Love It or List It,” with high ceilings and a legal suite. Custom-Built, Modern + Contemporary, Previous Projects
2018 Panorama Dr.Project North Vancouver Northwest contemporary home with modern finishes and scenic views of Deep Cove. Custom-Built, Modern + Contemporary, Previous Projects, Recent Projects
2018 Panorama Dr.Project North Vancouver Northwest contemporary home with stunning views and modern finishes, located in Deep Cove. Custom-Built, Modern + Contemporary, Previous Projects, Recent Projects
2019 Doran Rd. Project North Vancouver Northwest modern contemporary home with scenic Pacific Northwest views. Custom-Built, Modern + Contemporary, Previous Projects, Recent Projects
2020 Doran Rd.Project North Vancouver Northwest modern contemporary home in Lynn Valley with scenic views, and energy-efficient design. Current Projects, Custom-Built, Modern + Contemporary, Previous Projects, Recent Projects

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Home Builders Consultation and Customization Process

Major Homes takes a client-centred approach to home building, highlighting personalization at every step. They work closely with clients to ensure each home reflects the homeowner’s unique style, needs, and preferences. The process involves several stages, from initial consultation to design, construction, and final walkthrough.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step Description Details
1. Initial Consultation Understanding Client Needs – Discuss client’s vision, preferences, and requirements.

– Assess budget and timeline expectations.

2. Site Evaluation Assessing the Build Location – Evaluate the chosen site for the project.

– Discuss potential challenges and opportunities.

3. Design Phase Crafting the Home Design – Work with architects and designers to create initial designs.

– Present designs to the client for feedback and revisions.

4. Material and Feature Selection Personalizing Details – Select materials, finishes, and features.

– Tailor choices to client’s tastes and budget.

5. Finalizing Plans Approval of Final Design – Review and finalize architectural plans.

– Ensure compliance with local regulations and permits.

6. Construction Phase Bringing the Design to Life – Begin construction, maintaining quality control.<br>- Regular updates and check-ins with the client.
7. Interior Finishing Detailing and Interior Work – Complete interior finishing according to chosen specifications.

– Focus on craftsmanship and detail.

8. Inspection and Walkthrough Quality Assurance – Conduct thorough inspections.

– Client walkthrough to ensure satisfaction.

9. Handover Completion and Handover – Official handover of the completed home.

– Provide necessary documentation and warranties.

10. Post-Completion Support Ongoing Support – Offer post-completion support for any issues or questions.

– Ensure client satisfaction even after the project ends.

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 Why Choose Major Homes

Reputation and Expertise:

Known for our long-standing industry reputation and a team with extensive expertise.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Focuses on meeting client needs with personalized scheme development.

Sustainability and Green Building:

Committed to sustainable, eco-friendly construction and energy-efficient design.

Start Your Dream Home

Major Homes, renowned for its high-quality construction services in British Columbia, excels in creating functional and community-focused housing projects in Vancouver. Our expertise includes custom home building and condo renovations, all marked by exceptional design and sustainable practices.

Our portfolio in British Columbia showcases our ability to craft both single and multi-family homes with precision. As industry professionals, we are committed to quality project management, so each project aligns with our clients’ visions and standards.

Major Homes is a great choice for anyone considering a housing project in Vancouver. You can get more information or discuss it with us directly.

Current Projects

Previous Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a housing project in Vancouver?

The duration can vary widely based on several factors, such as the scale of the project, type of housing, and complexity of construction.


Type Typical Duration Factors Affecting Timeline
Single-family Home 6-12 months Size, customizations, permit process
Townhouse Development 12-18 months Scale of project, planning and design
Condominium Building 18-24 months or more Height of building, complexity, permits
Major Housing Development 24-36 months or more Infrastructure needs, scale, approvals
Renovation Projects 3-6 months (varies widely) Scope of renovation, availability of materials

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What kind of permits are required for housing projects in Vancouver?

When planning a housing project in Vancouver, you’ll need several permits, and here’s a simplified overview of what’s typically required:

  1. Development Permit: You’ll need this if your project is large or involves changing how land or buildings are used.
  2. Building Permit: This one is necessary for new constructions or changing the use of a building. It makes sure your project is safe, liveable, and environmentally friendly.
  3. Specialized Permits: Depending on your building, you might need extra permits for plumbing, electrical work, or using public spaces like streets during construction.

Getting these permits means submitting your plans, paying fees, and waiting for approvals. Skipping this step can lead to fines or having to redo work, so it’s really important to get your permits sorted out early.

Are there specific regulations to be aware of when starting a housing project in Vancouver?

Regulation Type Purpose Key Points
Zoning By-Laws Dictate land use and building characteristics – Controls building height, floor space, yard sizes

– Determines neighbourhood safety and character

Building By-Law Governs individual building projects – Covers design, construction, inspections

– Permits required for major changes

Greenest City 2020 Initiative Protects natural surroundings in construction – Rules for building near natural features

– Permits needed for tree and land changes

Character Home Regulations Preserves historic homes – Extra rules for renovations

– Options for expansions and multifamily conversions

Regulation Redesign Simplifies land use regulations – Ongoing updates for clarity

– Public hearings for proposed changes

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What is the average size of new homes in Vancouver's housing projects?

The average size of new homes in Vancouver can vary greatly based on the type of housing and the specific area within the city. Single-family homes generally offer more space, while apartments and condos in denser urban areas are smaller.

The size also depends on current housing trends, zoning regulations, and market demands. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the average size of new homes in Vancouver, it’s advisable to consult real estate reports, local housing authorities, or real estate professionals. They can provide specific data and insights about the current trends in the Vancouver housing market.

What happens if there are changes or delays during construction?

Step Action Responsibility Simplified Description
1. Identification Recognize Changes or Delays Contractor/Client Find out what’s causing the change or delay, like client wishes, unexpected site issues, or weather.
2. Communication Inform Stakeholders Contractor Tell everyone involved, including the homeowner and workers, about any changes or delays.
3. Assessment & Documentation Evaluate and Record Changes Contractor Look at how these changes affect the plan and write them down in an official document.
4. Approval Process Seek Consent for Changes Client If the homeowner asks for changes, they need to look at and agree to the new plan and costs.
5. Adjusting Schedule & Budget Update Project Plan Contractor Change the timeline and budget based on the new situation and let the homeowner know.
6. Implementing Changes Execute Modifications Contractor Start making the agreed-upon changes, like getting new materials or rescheduling work.
7. Ongoing Monitoring Continuous Updates Contractor Keep an eye on how these changes are going and keep the homeowner updated.
8. Completion & Review Finalize and Inspect Contractor/Client Once everything’s done, check over the work together to make sure it’s all good.

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