Major Homes provides an array of different services to its clients. Their experienced team manages everything from developments, to project management and speculative homes.

Single & Multi-Family

We are experienced in developing single and multi-family detached and attached, speculative homes. All of our homes are energy efficient and follow both, EnerGuide and Built Green Canada rating systems. Working with Built Green Canada, we ensure our construction material, building processes and homes are environmentally friendly. Our energy efficient projects benefit home owners by reducing their lifetime energy bill costs, while adding value to each area of the home. We strive to build unique modern, and contemporary designed homes that distinguish us from our competitors. We ensure each of our projects fits the style of the area it is built in to add value and keep the feel of the neighbourhood.

Custom Homes

Specializing in custom built homes, we work closely with you to help you find the right location to build your dream home! Each custom-built home is unique and customized based on our client’s preferences. The homeowner is in charge of all decision making from the planning to finishing stages.

Beautifully Designed

Functional Floor Plans

Impeccable & Elegant

Unmatched Quality, Value, and Lifestyle


We at Major Homes are well versed in development projects. Using our extensive knowledge of real estate acquisition, we specialize in finding and acquiring land in the Greater Vancouver area that is zoned for redevelopment. Following all city codes and bylaws, our team manages everything from obtaining development permits, to the teardown of the preexisting house and managing the construction of the new home. We work closely with all city inspectors and project neighbour’s to ensure an efficient and worry-free process. We ensure the new housing project provides value and enhances the neighbourhood by paying exceptional attention to detail.

Project Management

If you are new to the housing industry or you simply do not have time to manage your projects, we provide project management services. We will manage your housing project from beginning to end, including obtaining all permits, following city guidelines, sourcing subcontractors and overseeing the construction of the house. As the developer, you make all of the decisions regarding the house and we ensure a stress-free process by overseeing the construction of the house.

Professional & Reliable

Strong Attention to Detail

Friendly & Knowledgable

Real Estate

Utilizing the expertise of our licensed relator, our team is well versed in real estate acquisition. We assist our clients in finding and acquiring land in the Greater Vancouver area that is zoned for redevelopment. Our in-house realtor is able to advise clients on all areas of real estate including the sale, construction and purchase of a new home.

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