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Real Estate Services in Vancouver

Major Homes Ltd offers real estate services in Vancouver. Our team is led by the father-son duo of Major and Rick, a builder with over 30 years of experience, and an expert realtor and businessman.

As members of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association and Built Green Canada, we’re dedicated to building homes that you’ll love for years to come.

Our strength lies in our leadership team’s expertise and credentials, particularly in managing Vancouver real estate listings and providing comprehensive associates real estate services. Our combined experiences as home builders Vancouver, along with our understanding of the housing inventory in the area, shape the foundation of our company’s success in the real estate industry.

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Major Garcha: President & CEO

  • Major Garcha brings over 30 years of experience as a second-generation builder.
  • His journey began with a successful 20-year tenure running a stucco company, after which he transitioned to his true passion—building homes.
  • Major is renowned for his exceptional attention to detail. Ensures each home meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Rick Garcha: COO & Realtor

  • Rick Garcha, a third-generation builder, has a rich background in the construction industry.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  • Diverse knowledge base encompasses financial management, banking, and the real estate market.

Real Estate Acquisition

Our expertise in acquisitions in Greater Vancouver is a cornerstone of our services. We specialize in identifying and acquiring land that offers important potential for redevelopment. Here’s our process for identifying potential properties for our clients:

Step What We Do Your Benefits Considerations
Market Analysis Study Vancouver’s real property trends. Know about promising investment areas. Market can change; we keep an eye on future trends.
Zoning Research Check land’s zoning for redevelopment. Find land with high redevelopment potential. Zoning laws vary; we stay informed.
Site Evaluation Look at location, access, and amenities. Visualize the potential of each site. Community plans and impacts are important.
Feasibility Study Assess redevelopment’s practicality and cost. Get a clear picture of costs and returns. We consider construction costs and timelines.
Client Consultation Discuss your needs and goals. Tailor the search to your preferences. Be clear about your long-term plans and risk level.
Negotiation and Acquisition Handle the deal-making and buying. Secure the best terms for you. Market conditions can influence negotiations.
Post-Acquisition Support Advise on the next steps after buying. Continued guidance for future plans. Stay updated with market and regulatory changes.


Why Choose Us

Expertise in Both Building and Real Property:

- We know both construction and real property inside out. - We handle everything carefully, from buying land to building Vancouver houses.

We Listen to You:

- Your goals and needs are our top priority. - We tailor our services to fit exactly what you want.

North Vancouver Custom Built

Legal and Ethical Compliance

We are set to keep legal and ethical standards in all our construction activities. Our operations in Vancouver stick to wide by-laws and regulations to guarantee high standards of safety, health, accessibility, and sustainability.

Vancouver Building By-law

We follow the Vancouver Building By-law based on the British Columbia Building Code 2018. This by-law includes specific provisions unique to Vancouver, regulating the design and construction of buildings in the city. It covers occupant safety and health, accessibility for persons with disabilities, fire protection, energy conservation, GHG reduction, and alterations to existing buildings​​.

Plumbing Systems

For plumbing systems, we adhere to the minimum standards outlined in the Vancouver Building By-law, which includes additional provisions for water efficiency and non-potable water treatment and use​​.

Our team secures compliance with these regulations, which protect homeowners and the community. We stay updated with the latest revisions and requirements to maintain our responsibility to legal obedience.

Real Estate Services in Vancouver, BC

Identify real estate professionals with Major Homes Ltd. To learn more about our services or to start a conversation about your goals in British Columbia, Vancouver, Major Homes welcomes your inquiries.

Call us today to gain insights into how you can find the right home at the right price. Let us help you realize your property aspirations in the vibrant Vancouver market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when choosing a real property service?

What to Look At What It Means Why It Matters Examples
Experience How long they’ve been in business and their expertise areas. More experience often means better knowledge of the market and processes. Years in business, types of properties handled.
Local Knowledge How well they know the Vancouver market. Local insights can lead to better deals and options. Knowledge of neighbourhood trends, local regulations.
Services Range What services they offer. One-stop shops can handle all your needs, from buying to building. Buying, selling, construction, legal advice.
Client Feedback What past clients say. Gives you an idea of their service quality and reliability. Online reviews, testimonials.
Legal Compliance Adherence to laws and ethical practices. Ensures your dealings are safe and legitimate. Licenses, certifications, ethical standards.
Innovation New methods or technologies they use. Can offer you unique solutions and advantages. Use of virtual tours, modern construction techniques.
Success Stories Their track record and achievements. Indicates reliability and effectiveness. Successful projects, awards.
Affiliations Ties to professional groups. Shows credibility and industry recognition. Memberships in real property associations.


What factors affect the listing price of a home in Vancouver?

Factor Explanation Impact on Price Examples
Market Conditions State of the housing market, supply, and demand. High demand can increase prices; oversupply may decrease them. A seller’s market with low inventory leads to higher prices.
Property Size & Layout Total area, number of bedrooms/bathrooms. Larger and well-designed homes cost more. A spacious 4-bedroom house compared to a compact 2-bedroom condo.
Home Condition Age, state of repair, renovations. Well-maintained and updated homes fetch higher prices. Recently renovated homes with modern amenities.
Comparable Sales Prices of similar homes recently sold. Directly influences pricing based on similar properties. Sale prices of homes in the same neighbourhood.
Economic Indicators Interest rates, employment rates, economic view. Affects overall market sentiment and buying power. Low interest rates generally increase buyer demand.
Future Development Plans Upcoming local infrastructure or developments. Can either increase or decrease future property value. A new transit line can increase property values in the area.
Unique Features Special attributes of the home. Unique features can significantly increase appeal and price. Homes with ocean views or custom-built features.
Seller’s Motivation Urgency to sell the property. High urgency might lead to lower prices; less urgency could keep prices high. A seller relocating quickly may price the home for a quick sale.


How long does building and selling a home in Vancouver typically take?

The cumulative time for building and selling a home can range significantly. The construction phase (9-14 months) is followed by the selling phase (on average, around 56 days to accept an offer, plus the closing period).

Building and selling a home in Vancouver is a multi-step process that can take well over a year. The actual time can vary based on factors like the scale of the building project, market dynamics, and the efficiency of various processes (e.g., permitting, construction, sale negotiations).

This applies not only to Vancouver but also to its various neighbourhoods, including South Vancouver, East Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and the broader Metro Vancouver area.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when building and selling a property?

Mistake Impact Prevention Strategy
Poor Planning Leads to delays and cost overruns. Develop a detailed plan with timelines and contingencies.
Underestimating Costs Budget shortfall and financial strain. Include a buffer in the budget for unexpected expenses.
Neglecting Quality Reduced home durability and appeal. Invest in quality materials and skilled labour.
Ignoring Market Trends Home may not meet buyer preferences. Research current trends and buyer demands.
Over-customization Limits buyer pool for the home. Balance personal taste with broad market appeal.